“MYROS”, is a brand and an organisation located in Antalya-Turkey, operating in souvenir and gift items industries as a subsidary of Demre Group.  Myros’s organisation consists of production, importation, exportation, wholesale and retail activities. Myros’s main focus is; to produce special souvenirs for the most travelled destinations of the world or to organise the supply chain of the items designed by Myros itself for these destinations.

Myros’s main mission to realize this target; is to supply the widest range of products with reasonable prices preserving international quality standards, even in conditions where the customers ask for little quantities. A complementary element of the mission mentioned above is not only to form an idea into an end product beginning from raw metarials for its customers, but also to be an effective part of its customers business processes with an international quality level. (Special packaging, barcoding, design, logistics, store display design, shelf design etc.)

Three weeks delivery time promise of Myros, is a big support for decreasing inventory costs of its customers. As a result of of the above; from its foundation to today, Myros has been the choice of most attactive travel destinations of the world such as; airports, theme parks, zoos, aquariums, official stores of monuments, museum shops, religious centers, offical stores of famous sports clubs etc. Myros has been producing for many chain stores and wholesalers around the globe with exports to more than 78 countries.